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I am pleased to introduce Darussalamus, the niche store for a huge assortment of Islamic literature taking care of the needs of different Muslim communities of the USA and other countries. Darussalamus endeavors to provide Islamic books of high quality that are authentic which will make you keep returning to them throughout your spiritual journey.

Our Mission

Darussalamus is the only place to find authentic Islamic knowledge & literature, in order to make individuals grasp the true message of Islam and take [it] to a new level by intensifying their relationship with the Almighty. We think that education is the main door to enlightenment and putting efforts to share it with everyone not determined with who he/she is and at what place he/she is.

Our Collection

Darussalamus Jut Why Islamic literature is about to fly on your bookshelves. From the translations of the Quran in as many as eleven languages, including English, Urdu, Spanish, Hindi, Farsi, and others, to numerous Tafseer and Tajweed guides, we offer a broad selection to provide customers with content pertaining to the diverse language group. Get acquainted with the profuse Islamic history via our broad selection of books that contain biographies of prophets, followers of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and other Islamic history in detail. Whether it's for both beginner and experienced reader, or as an overview or a scholarly one, we have you covered

Quality Assurance

The darussalamus emphasizes quality and authenticity in our three-dimensional product experience. All the books in our library thoroughly examined for factual accuracy so as to guarantee the bold output so that you can rely on the content you receive. We collaborate with celebrated editors and researchers through our partner publishing houses and scholars to bring you the cream of the Islamic literature, ensuring that we maintain not only the standards of scholarship but also integrity.

Our Commitment to Service

Darussalamus is governed by satisfaction of our consumers, as it is at the core of what we do. A dedicated one team will accompany you during each stage of the registration process, including browsing our products directory, filling the online form and delivery requirements. Shopping is our main priority. As you can see, we offer quick shipping and attentive customer support, with live chats and emails for all your needs.

Connect with Us

Join our community of real life seekers and book lovers from across the world to be inspired and find friends by following us on social media and signing up to our newsletter. Try to always be informed about the recently added books, special discounts and fantastic offers to enjoy, along with being with the people who are interested in Islamic studies as you are.

Get in Touch

Have a question, or want some help with doing tasks? Do not even think about calling not to expect polite help. Hope in the near future as we will help and be happy to serve you during the whole period. We are grateful and humbled by your decision to get Muslim-friendly books from Darussalamus as a publisher. We are proud to be one, of those who will be involved during your mission, which is learning and spiritual development.

Darussalamus - Which Thought, Which One, The One To Enlighten The Minds And Nurture The Souls.