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Secrets to Successful Families

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Secrets to Successful Families

SKU: 14684
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Secrets to Successful Families by Afshan Khan

ISBN: 9781915357106
Author: Afshan Khan
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 159
Size: 148 x 210 cm
Publication Year: 2023
Language: English
Publisher: Ta Ha Publihers LTD
About This Book:

In a society where familyatic values are nearly absent, "Secrets to Successful Families" offers a smart guide for creating and sustaining good, enduring family structures.The book will not only provide through scientific experimentation as well as documented accounts from families all over the nation but we will also show the readers the science and anecdotes behind the above components.

Foundations of Connection:

"Explore the significance of fundamental factors that form the basis of life-long tie between the members of a family." The backbone of a healthy family can be seen in this book, these are very important issues such as trying to be consistent with communication and in sharing common values and traditions.

Overcoming Obstacles with Grace:

All of our families encounter difficulties, yet it's the way we hold them through that matter.The ways pointed in "Family Secrets of Success" enable to build up resilience, overcoming failure's obstacles, and transforming challenges into learning experiences are practical.

Creating Sturdy Relationships:

Forget about dysfunctional families but instead investigate a well functioning family relationships.The momentary engagement of the employed tools in this book will give birth to solid, loving relationships that will last over the lifetime, given siblings-ships and parent-child relations.

Communication Techniques:

In families, communication is an inevitable tool which is used more than all the other elements.Developing the ability to communicate with personal touch and etiquette leading to empathy, understanding and openness will be your responsibility.Check in how the family can be brought up where everyone in it values and has a chance to be heard.

Balancing Individuality and Unity:

Finding the Tight Balance Between Promoting Individuality and oneness: Develop the ability of creating a family that is its "nucleus" while allowing its members to maintain their individuality.The infographic "Secrets to Successful Families" provides concrete tips on raising the kids while retaining a strong family resource at the same time.

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