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Juz Qad Same'a (Juz No. 28)

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Juz Qad Same'a (Juz No. 28)

SKU: 12754
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Juz Qad Same'a (Juz No. 28)

ISBN: 9789933423407

Author: Allah

Book Binding: Paperback

Pages: 32

Size: 9.3 x 6.7 x 0.2 inch

Publication: 2005


About This Book:

"Juz Qad Same'a (Juz No. 28)" is a Quranic segment, notably the 28th Juz' (section), that contains chosen chapters from the holy Quran. This Juz' is recognized for its profound and spiritually nourishing substance, making it an important element of the Quran for Muslims worldwide.

The following are some of the highlights of "Juz Qad Same'a (Juz No. 28)":

Tajweed Mastery:

This book is dedicated to the skill of Tajweed, which insures proper Quranic verse pronunciation, articulation, and rhythm. It provides a thorough way to learning Tajweed rules.

Selected Quranic Portion:

The book focuses on a certain passage of the Quran, from Al-Ahqaf to Al-Nas. This option is appropriate for those who want to concentrate on a certain section of the Quran.

Original Arabic Text:

It presents the selected Quranic portion's original Arabic text in a clear and readable script, making it accessible to readers who are familiar with the Arabic language.

Phonetic Aids:

This version includes phonetic aids to assist with accurate pronunciation intonation for individuals who are not adept in Tajweed or Arabic pronunciation.

Tajweed Emphasis:

The major purpose of this book is to teach and implement Tajweed guidelines, guaranteeing that readers recite the Quran with precision and beauty.

No Translations:

Unlike Quran versions that incorporate translations, this book concentrates only on the Arabic text and Tajweed regulations, making it a great resource for Quranic recitation students.

Teaching Tool:

The book is an essential teaching tool for Quran students who want to improve their Tajweed competence and recitation accuracy.

Spiritual Enhancement:

Tajweed not only promotes accurate pronunciation but also enhances the spiritual experience of Quranic recitation. It amplifies the beauty and impact of the passages of the Quran.

Universal Applicability:

While this version is primarily designed for Muslims wanting to enhance their Quranic recitation abilities, non-Arabic speakers interested in discovering the beauty and complexity of the Quran's original language will find it useful as well.

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