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Islamic Studies Workbook 3 ,(Learn about Islam Series)

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Islamic Studies Workbook 3 ,(Learn about Islam Series)

SKU: 12648
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Safar Islamic Studies,Workbook 3,Learn about Islam Series

ISBN: 9781912437122

Author: Safar Publications

Book Binding: Softcover

Pages: 147

Size: 9.3 x 6.5 inch

Publication Year: 2018


About This Book:

"Islamic Examinations Exercise Manual 3" is the finale of an inside-and-out venture into the different universes of Islam as a component of the esteemed Find out about Islam Series. This intelligent exercise manual, intended for students of all foundations and levels, develops the fundamental data and bits of knowledge gained from earlier exercise manuals, giving a more profound comprehension of Islamic convictions, history, culture, and contemporary worries.Key Attributes include:

Coordinated Learning Way:

Proceeding with the series' coordinated methodology, this exercise manual permits students to bit by bit propel how they might interpret Islam, making it open to perusers with changing levels of colleague with the point.

High-level subjects:

This exercise manual presents a total and inside and out comprehension of Islamic convictions and practices by diving into cutting-edge topics like the Islamic way of thinking, the historical backdrop of Islamic craftsmanship and engineering, current Islamic issues, and the job of Islamic researchers and pioneers.

Interactive Exercises:

Drawing in exercises, decisive reasoning activities and provocative inquiries advance dynamic association, basic examination, and functional utilization of Islamic qualities.

Genuine society Importance:

Reasonable situations and contextual analyses urge understudies to apply how they might interpret Islamic standards to current difficulties, underlining the Islamic lessons' getting through significance in the present society.

Visual Enrichment:

The exercise manual is upgraded with a scope of visual guides, like pictures, charts, and drawings, to work on understanding and give an intriguing learning climate.

Interfaith Perspective:

"Islamic Examinations Exercise Manual 3" encourages interfaith comprehension by imparting a feeling of regard and congruity among individuals of numerous religions who need to find out about Islam.

Historical and Cultural Insights:

Bits of knowledge into Islamic History and Culture: Perusers get a superior comprehension of Islamic history, social commitments, and the proceeding with the tradition of Islamic culture.

Teacher and Student-Friendly:

This exercise manual is versatile and fulfills the needs of the two teachers and students. It is fitting for both conventional homeroom guidance and self-study.

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