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Ramadan Activity Book (For Big Kids Ages 8 Plus)

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Ramadan Activity Book (For Big Kids Ages 8 Plus)

SKU: 12888
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Ramadan Activity Book (For Little Kids Ages 8 Plus)

Author: Learning Roots Team

Book Binding: Paperback

Pages: 113

Size: 11.2 x 8.3 x 0.3 inch

Publication Year: 2019


About This Book:
Description From Publisher:
Do you want your youngster to be excited about Ramadan?
Are you disappointed that Ramadan passes each year without your child properly appreciating its blessings?
Do you wish your children understood Ramadan better and appreciated its beauty, both inside and out?
We understand your emotions since we have been there. What we truly need is a means to make Ramadan entertaining and informative for our children so that they can enjoy this great month and see it as a golden chance to come closer to Allah. That is why we produced the Ramadan Activity Book for Learning Roots.
This fantastic book employs engaging activities to introduce, engage, and deepen your child's awareness of the major components of Ramadan in a way that is relevant to their modern life. Most significantly, your youngster will be ecstatic about Ramadan. Here's how it's done:
We created this book with Ramadan in mind, making certain that it satisfies high-quality requirements. It depicts youngsters enjoying and practicing Islam in a situation to which they may connect. The activities are practical and relevant, educating your kid not just on what to do and what not to do during Ramadan, but also how Ramadan influences their life, their surroundings, and the world.
These activities foster critical abilities, assisting your child's spiritual, mental, and artistic development. Every page is beautifully illustrated, featuring boys and girls of diverse origins and honoring the beauty and variety of the Muslim community. We made two versions of this book for various ages. This book is appropriate for children who can read independently, normally aged 8 and up, although every child is different!
The book provides hours of faith-filled entertainment, with a variety of Ramadan-themed activities. Mazes, riddles, tales, recipes, spot-the-difference activities, and hundreds of stickers will keep your youngsters entertained as they learn. These are hands-on activities that require you to design, make, and utilize items. Cut-outs for games, banners, posters, and even a pull-out productivity calendar that your youngster may customize are provided The Ramadan Activity Book is the culmination of years of making Ramadan-themed goods that have made many Muslim homes throughout the world happy. This book encapsulates all of our creative energies.
This 113-page paperback book is appropriate for children aged 8 and above.

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